Custom work gives me a special thrill and is a most meaningful way to honor the memories that clothing can hold for us.

One of the primary Reasons Why I choose to do this work through Sage Woolens is to create a useful item from a garment that has lived its first life. This process is even more rewarding when the garment has special meaning to the owner - whether it was a suit belonging to a loved one who has passed, a dress now too small for a little one who has grown up too fast, or a shirt made of fabric you love but just can't part with even though you can't get that stain out no matter what you try. 

Each custom project includes a consultation to discuss the original garment and possibilities for the new item into which it will be recreated. My goal is to remake that garment into a finished product that will be both functional and beautiful, eliciting memories invoked by the original owner through patches, features such as pockets or buttons, or other design elements. No two items will ever be alike.

Prices vary depending on the type of item you desire and cost of additional materials needed to complete the product, such as zippers, buckles, or straps. Please see my current products to get an idea of the price range and type of items I can create, but know that each custom project will be approached individually and prices will vary based on features, such as straps, pockets, and uniqueness of design. 

Don't see exactly what you want? Just let me know and I am happy to see if I can make your designs come to life! 

Please contact me for inquires about custom work and we will collaborate to design the perfect product for your individual garment and situation.