Thank you for supporting this small handmade business!

Sage Woolens is a one-woman creative venture based in Boise, Idaho, with a mission of giving a new, useful life to high-quality garments that have served their original purpose. All of the fabric used in each handmade item is natural fiber or leather upcycled from clothing or linens that have been discarded. Wool is the feature fabric in original Sage Woolens products, but linen, cotton, and leather are incorporated when those fibers are more well-suited to the function of the final product, be that durability, flexibility, or drape.

Hi, I’m Jeanna (pronounced like “Gina”), owner and maker of Sage Woolens. Born and raised in Alaska, I now live in Boise, Idaho.

As soon as I could pay attention and hold my little hands still on the fabric, my mom began teaching me to sew. These lessons began with me simply sitting on her lap and “helping” guide the fabric under the sewing machine's presser foot, then progressed to projects of my own as a very young age. And while I can't recall what I made during those first lessons, the legend she shared about her older sister sewing through her finger has been seared into my memory ever since.

One of my earliest “real” projects was an upcycled tote bag created from scraps of fabric and my dad’s old jeans, made for an environmental project at school. I remember digging through my mom’s fabric stash, cutting seams out of jeans, then measuring twice before cutting out the rectangles of fabric to assemble into a bag. My mom most likely did a considerable amount of the sewing, but I remember being so proud when it was finished. I was seven years old.

Fast forward two decades, and here I am with hundreds of projects completed, a handful abandoned, and only one of my own fingers sewn through. Beginning with that first upcycled bag, I've consistently been drawn to giving old, worn, used items a new life, and get a little rush when I find some beautiful fabric in the form of someone’s unwanted garment on a thrift store rack. Combine that interest with the sheep and llamas I raised for 4-H as a child, and using wool as my primary medium couldn’t be a more natural fit.

In early 2017 (at my husband’s suggestion) I designed and made an Idaho-shaped shoulder bag out of a thrifted wool suit for myself. One thing led to another as people saw this product and Sage Woolens was born, pushing me to take the scary and exciting step of turning my love of creating and re-creating into something I can share beyond myself. My product lines have expanded to a collection of bags, adventure and home goods with a balance of function and design incorporated into each handmade item.